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Just who the heck are you talking to?

Last Undersea Base in the Gulf of Aden (Yemen) destroyed. To hear the entire original video Click here!Start at 30:49 where this ends off. Stories on abductions names were left out though you can find them here. Click Here! Andromeda Council!

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Extraterrestrial Aliens & Reptilian gods in the Quran?

Extraterrestrial Aliens and Reptilian gods in the Quran.

I found this story while doing a search on the name of the Reptilian God and found this which corroborates my prior blog

The ancient texts are filled with reports of strange gods, flying machines, weapons of mass destruction and biological experiments that could only amount to cloning and genetic manipulation. UFOlogists and scholars like Zechariah Sitchin, Erich von Daniken and R.A. Boulay have combed through the Mahabharata, Ramayana, the Bible, the Egyptian Book
of the Dead, the Popol Vuh and ancient Sumerian tablets and revealed a wealth of information about extraterrestrial gods, their wars, their loves, their flying machines and their test tube baby, Adam.

Almost ignored in the quest to explore the ancient scriptures is the Quran. Since much of the Quran’s material runs parallel to that of the Bible – yet discussed from an alternative perspective – one would think Western scholars would be at least as familiar with the Quran as they are of, say, the I Ching.

The poor quality of Quranic translators no doubt has contributed to scholars’ aversion. Existing translations have masked and concealed both the deep mystical language of the book and its surprisingly advanced scientific and technical knowledge.

Were a scientist to read that the Quran says that Allah “sent down water from the sky” he would probably not be very impressed with such a “revelation.” Anyone with eyes could look up and see rain falling from clouds in the sky.

But if that same scientist read that the Quran stated several times 1500 years ago that Allah “sent down water from the asteroid belt,” well, that might catch that scientist’s attention.

The Arabic word Sama’ is ordinarily translated “sky,” “cloud” or “heaven.” But Sama’ came into Arabic from the Sumerians. To the Sumerians, Sama’ meant, literally, “hammered out bracelet,” and that is what they called the asteroid belt, which they believed to have been hammered out by a collision between a planet called Nibiru and a giant watery planet named Tiamat.

The collision shattered half of Tiamat making the “hammered out bracelet.” The other half was knocked into a new orbit and became the watery planet Earth...................

To read the whole story of Extraterrestrial Aliens and Reptilian gods in the Quran >
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The torture of Credo Mutwa and the theft of the Necklace of Mysteries

This blog was written by me inspired by the 6-hour Credo Mutwa talks with David Icke about the REPTILIAN AGENDA
(a youtube search will bring this up)

Credo Mutwa: All African religion went underground to what is called The Secret Society.

What NIKOLA TESLA grandparents told him that the mission schools told the children that the only light came from white people. Before that, they had no knowledge of religion.
He found that the African Sulu surgeons in the 18th, 19' centuries and beyond had surgeons more skilled than any western surgeons.

Update 10/4/2015 I chose to put up this short video.

Credo Mutwa talks about the Stolen Sacred Necklace of the Mysteries and Knowlege. The Torture he Endured!
The necklace is more than 1,000 years old and was stolen by drunken swine lead by a little white man who was obsessed with obtaining it. Credo says he looked very strange with protruding teeth and spoke with a hissing sound.

His teachers taught him bluntly he had to be circumcised. He said I am willing to anything, and then, they went into a graveyard of the hand of corpses only two days old and made him eat it. That is when they told him about a race of creatures that were Reptilians.

Again on the border of Angola nova Degu he was brought into a hut. In there was a young woman black as ebony and her hair was a big black cloud, and her teeth were sharpened as sharp as a reptile. He asked what is this? he slept in the cave and slept with his back to the wall. He was to do something with this lady and he did.

Q. Why now? Asked David Icke. Credo Mutwa's answer is Africa is dying, they are being lead out and the people are seeking like bloody fools and they don't realize what has been done to his people. I have proof that AIDs is a man-made disease to kill off three-quarters of black people in the next ten years.
There are always fighting wars that are giving them pain. These wars end in the total destruction of this particular country no wins anymore. The Red Bell army splits into different factions and then they fight each other, and soon it becomes everybody is fighting everybody else.
All orchestrated by forces from outside of Africa.

The Zulus were against war, they come for that which is evil. When a Zulu went to battle it was spiritual. He went through a ritual before he was even was allowed to touch his wife. In England Her husband the Duke of Marlboro, while still wearing his boots still stained with the blood of men, here is this man making love to his wife. The Zulu's were a female dominated society, two twins of King Shaka's aunts. His mother was his advisor, she laid out all of his attacks.
African politicians are hypnotized he says, don't they see what is going on?

One secret story was about these beings in the country called Rwanda, then he read this story at bedtime.
There was once a time when the blue sky was invisible! When the whole world was covered with mist, you could not see the sun, there was a drizzle in the air every day of the year. People could not see the stars, there was only jungle everywhere.

Mugudlidi, A human being was both male and female in one body, and out of the sky came terrible objects made of bowls of gold, and they were bigger than mountains, and they came out of the sky bringing great noise and black smoke and out of those things came THEM.
He said, back then they could not speak, they used telepathy. These people were going to give them great gift's, but they had to worship them and accept them as our creators. Some people said they were our elder brothers and that this egg had produced them generations ago, and they came back from the green wombs of their mothers and they were going to make us into (gods)

In those days men and women were both sexes.

They dug greats caves to one was a green light, and one was a red light. And each person had to choose what cave they wanted to go into, one or the other, and they drove the human being what cave they wanted to go into. The humans who went into the green came out women, in red cave became men.
Then they told them they were perfect. The women hated the men for their ugly penis when they saw it and the men hated the woman for they didn't know what were the breasts for.

One of the gifts they gave them were the gift of talking all in different languages, (sounds like the Bible's Tower of Babble) That is when they all started fighting with each other they could not understand what the other was saying. Centuries later they decided now to talk English.

People started talking and there was a big ruckus because they took most of it as insults.
They found to their horror that they had lost their mental powers.

The Gods made them go into the mines to mine precious metals but the people couldn't cope they worked and mined. They were their slaves and unhappy.

So Antwari came up with a plan to teach the men and women how to make love.
It became where men were stealing each others wives because theirs were not what they expected. All they heard from the woods was people having sex, and not mining the caves. And all of the young women were getting pregnant and the (Ombabba) had a fit! He yelled at his wife and said: "they're not ready to have children."
So the Reptilian God wife said I will fix it and she told the women to leave those babies in the woods to die.

All the woman in the world were pregnant, so one day Antwari? activated a black hero ODUDUWA and he challenged the great chief of the serpent people to a fight, and cut off the penis of the serpent snake.

In this Next video Credo says that there is scientific proof that they have found these skulls where the human brain has been removed and eaten by something or someone.

He describes them as very tall and skinny with claws, and some have horns o their heads.

He said that movie like Star Wars called Dark mount, makers who make these reptilian beings on sci-fi actually look like the different reptilians. He wonders where do these movie producers get the information from. In Stargate 2, there was a creature it was a spitting likeness of BUMBA, the African Creator God of Vomit. Yes, vomit.

The eyes have got like a snake and they have split pupils and their eyes glow. Some have three eyes, which glow as strange jewels, and an eye in the center which closes and opens side to side, and is the fire that kills. The Mobabba has got a central eye because his jealous wife stitched closed his other two eyes.

In Africa this is a taboo subject to talk about. So they think by not speaking it they are being protected.

Credo was in New York recently in Harlem and he saw graffiti, and it said there is nothing known as the Mafea, and we will kill anyone who mentions it. They are denying it therefore, protecting it.

End of this video>

Factoid: They are taught that the One that is lighting up the world is the same as the Pastors, and Illuminati.

The mountains of the round rocks in Africa are set to be one place where they have been seen. Amongst the rocks, you find a species of lizards you see nowhere else on Earth. A species which responds to the call of the human voice.
A gamekeeper he visited there was calling out in a weird yell, and he said they are the speech of the ancient serpents. Cecil Rhodes a front man of the Illuminati who did so much to imprison Africa chose to be buried at the point where this is all going on.
He wormed his way in the heart of the African wise men tried to make him one of them and told him all the secrets. They said there were homes, now graves these in caves.

People go missing there. He even was lost three days there also. His teacher sent him to get a special herb, and he loved the wilderness. I love the animals and the earth. He was looking for this head when a bright blue mist fell all around him, the temperature dropped then the nex moment he was next on an iron workbench trousers missing. When he saw again a blue mist and moving objects. They were very thin short human like creatures with a long big heads, big eyes, slit mouth, gray in color, and wore silver gray garments. While he was looking at them, he realized he was looking right in the face of a taller one with a garment on that was tight. They had very long fingers and ended in a claw like a bird.
His Abduction Story: This thing was over him and was looking into his eyes. He could see small mouth with a small jaw and a horrible smell of metallic. He was looking down at him, but he could not move. The next thing he felt was a pain in his thigh, he could not jump off the table, he was paralyzed and when he looked down he saw that one of the smaller creatures put a shiny medal thing as big as a pencil with a cable on the end while the other creature grabbed his head and shoved something up his nose! He screamed with blood in his mouth as this thing quietly brutely pulled it out of his nose! He was choking and after what seemed like an eternity of pain the creature brought something out and put it next to his nose and the pain left. Then something else was pulled out of his anus!

After the creature pulled the flexible cable out of his(intestine) he pushed him away and the creature went tumbling over. The big creature was looking at him and he had a vision of buildings all crumbled down into the earth, sunk in mud, trees without leaves like they were poisoned. Then through an entrance he never saw before came out a large metal creature (like a machine) it made a humming sound. From behind this creature came another creature, it looked exactly like the body of an athlete looked somewhat human with white skin slanted eyes, pointed ears, and a tail appendage. What it did to him was climbed over him and had forced sex with him. The breast hard like a machine would be. The red hair looked like it had been dyed. The eyes were pale blue with no blinking of the eyes and it was very heavy as it sat on top of him.

Then the creatures left, and took him out of the room and pushed him towards his right. He was shown little-aborted fetuses in things like fish tanks. Then he saw more people going through the same thing he went through. He then found himself in the bush again wearing only his shirt, no boots. Some time later people who saw him stayed away from him...he later learned why? He was carrying a horrible smell on him. In the village, the dogs went crazy and wanted to kill him, but was saved by the people. He told a woman and she said you were taken by the little ones.

Later on in years he met a white woman who worked for British intelligence during the war and that she was impregnated by these creatures.
One more thing, after a year he was walking along the street and a white man asked him to stop and he said listen...where did I see you? I don't know sir don't push it, man. He then told him he saw him on the metal table, the man went pale and walked away in terror.

Since that time he has found that he knows things shouldn't know. His hands are used to make sculptures, also to work on jet engines. I know things which I shouldn't know and it started then. He wants to know what he is now. Since that time I have become a very confused creature.
Since that day and I am ashamed to say I have become bi-sexual. My mind is not being controlled by myself. I have become compassionate, I was a simple man before.

People say they are experimenting on us, he says these creatures are not aliens, they are sexually compatible with our women they are part of us. They are from Earth.
They had a fight with the real God and they lost so God made them unable to eat. They eat the dark power! They feed off of the humans emotions, they love us destroying the Earth.
They eat energy which is generated on thinking on certain levels. They want us to think at certain levels, and they will reward us with long life.

He explains much more in the following youtube videoes.