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Extraterrestrial Aliens & Reptilian gods in the Quran?

Extraterrestrial Aliens and Reptilian gods in the Quran.

I found this story while doing a search on the name of the Reptilian God and found this which corroborates my prior blog http://reptiliansinthewhitehouse.blogspot.com/

The ancient texts are filled with reports of strange gods, flying machines, weapons of mass destruction and biological experiments that could only amount to cloning and genetic manipulation. UFOlogists and scholars like Zechariah Sitchin, Erich von Daniken and R.A. Boulay have combed through the Mahabharata, Ramayana, the Bible, the Egyptian Book
of the Dead, the Popol Vuh and ancient Sumerian tablets and revealed a wealth of information about extraterrestrial gods, their wars, their loves, their flying machines and their test tube baby, Adam.

Almost ignored in the quest to explore the ancient scriptures is the Quran. Since much of the Quran’s material runs parallel to that of the Bible – yet discussed from an alternative perspective – one would think Western scholars would be at least as familiar with the Quran as they are of, say, the I Ching.

The poor quality of Quranic translators no doubt has contributed to scholars’ aversion. Existing translations have masked and concealed both the deep mystical language of the book and its surprisingly advanced scientific and technical knowledge.

Were a scientist to read that the Quran says that Allah “sent down water from the sky” he would probably not be very impressed with such a “revelation.” Anyone with eyes could look up and see rain falling from clouds in the sky.

But if that same scientist read that the Quran stated several times 1500 years ago that Allah “sent down water from the asteroid belt,” well, that might catch that scientist’s attention.

The Arabic word Sama’ is ordinarily translated “sky,” “cloud” or “heaven.” But Sama’ came into Arabic from the Sumerians. To the Sumerians, Sama’ meant, literally, “hammered out bracelet,” and that is what they called the asteroid belt, which they believed to have been hammered out by a collision between a planet called Nibiru and a giant watery planet named Tiamat.

The collision shattered half of Tiamat making the “hammered out bracelet.” The other half was knocked into a new orbit and became the watery planet Earth...................

To read the whole story of Extraterrestrial Aliens and Reptilian gods in the Quran >
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